The Liebster Award

Karen at Miss Darcy’s Library nominated me for the Liebster Award (German for dearest or beloved), given and passed on by bloggers to blogs that are newer to them. In this meme you answer seven questions put to you by your nominator, then compile your own seven questions and tag some other blogs to pass it on to. I particularly like the fact that you are encouraged to publicise blogs that are new to you in this meme.

Here are my answers to Karen’s questions…

1. What is your favourite reading spot?
At the moment it’s in bed – first thing in the morning and last thing at night. However I do lust after a giant armchair – one big enough to put my feet up on – the Conran Matador one in red (right) would be perfect.

2. What do you think of movie adaptations of famous books? Do they enhance or hinder your appreciation of the book?
I tend to be of the persuasion that generally prefers to read the book first, then see the film or programme, so my own vision of it is not influenced.  But, if the adaptation is classy and the casting good – it can enhance a later reading.  Reading   the Harry Potter books for instance, was more fun after the films started (mostly due to the wonderful Alan Rickman as Snape), similarly Colin Firth is now forever Mr Darcy…

3. Has a book ever made you want to travel to a particular place?
A single book, probably not.  But with each book set in Venice I read and there are many, the desire to visit the city grew and grew. We went about six years ago, and loved it – I should probably return soon.  I treasure the little drawing my daughter did (left) – she was 6 then – what perspective!

4. What is your reaction when someone you know dislikes a book you are especially fond of? Have you ever quarrelled over a book?
Ha ha. It depends on who’s doing the disagreeing!  We’ve had some really great discussions at our book group over books that divided the group. Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night was one which I adored, and others hated – but the discussion was good, and it’s still a personal favourite.

5. Do you like knowing all about an author before you start reading their work or do you think biographical details aren’t necessary to understand and appreciate a book?
I always read the author biog and look at their photo if there is one because I’m nosy, and it’ll usually give little hints to their areas of expertise and interests which make reading the book more interesting. I wouldn’t necessarily check them out any further before reading, but I often look them up after finishing the book if I enjoyed it though.

6. In your opinion, what makes an excellent book review?
Ooh – that’s difficult. It very much depends on whether what I already know about the book/author, and very importantly, who’s doing the reviewing.  I need to get a feel for the book: its broad themes, major characters, main plotline direction, but I don’t need much detail, the right feel is enough.  However I do need confidence in the reviewer, be it another blogger, writer or critic – that’s something you build up as you get used to their style.

7. And just for fun: Mr Darcy or Mr Rochester?  Darcy = Colin Firth – nuff said!

* * * * *

That was really fun, and made me think – thanks Karen. Now it’s my turn to ask the questions…

  1. Does blogging every get in the way of reading for you, or does it enhance it?
  2. How often do you re-read books, and which have you re-read the most?
  3. Are there genres of writing that you won’t read?
  4. When you go on holiday do you take a holiday from reading, or is your case full of books?
  5. How do you shelve your books: alphabetically, fic and non-fic, or by theme etc?
  6. Tell me about an author you’ve recently discovered (whether new or old), and want to read much more of.
  7. … and finally for fun, what books do you want for Christmas

I’m going to tag a few bloggers whose blogs I’ve discovered this year and am enjoying.  There is absolutely no compulsion to do the meme or pass it on – unless you want to that is, so I nominate Page Plucker, The Book Trunk, Alex in Leeds, Heavenali and The Book Boy. Anyone is welcome to have a go too if they wish, and do go visit the blogs I’ve nominated, they’re all great.

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