The TBR Double Dog Dare

For the past two years, James over at Ready when you are CB has hosted the TBR dare, and I signed up for the full dare both times. The TBR Dare became the TBR Double Dare, and this year has become the TBR Double Dog Dare, as James’s dog Dakota is in on the act!

The dare also has its own page where you can sign up if you wish.  It’s very simple. You are dared (not challenged), to reduce the size of your TBR stack by only reading books you already own (or have on order) between Jan 1st 2013 until the end of March.  You can make sign up for as long or short a period as you want, and make it fit your reading patterns.

Again, I accept the dare, and plan to go the full three months once more.  The only exceptions for me will be reading group books if I don’t already own them, and I will allow myself one new review copy per month that needs reading before 1st April – but only if it’s totally irresistible.

Note – the TBR Double Dog Dare does not stop you acquiring books to read afterwards. You can build up a lovely stack of new books to dive into in April if you wish.  The first rule of the dare is to have fun!

0 thoughts on “The TBR Double Dog Dare

  1. Dark Puss says:

    Too easy for Dark Puss! Do you remember my “Project Zero” that ran alongside Simon Thomas’ Project 24? Now a real challenge for me would be the logical inversion of this dare.

    • Annabel (gaskella) says:

      It’s the fact that it’s easy that means I’ll be able to stick with it (what a slacker I am!). Inverting it and reading only newly acquired books is too much like what I do already! I should garner my willpower up and do a “project zero” – but I have two local independent bookshops to help keep in business – couldn’t do it 🙂

    • gaskella says:

      Thanks Stu. Actually, it’s a good time of year to stick to the TBR piles – as the majority of big books are published after that.

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