Weekend Miscellany

GoodReads Challenge

I’ve done it!

Pressure’s off now, except I’d like to beat my best ever total of 142 in 2018! With a clutch of novellas (see more below) that might be doable too! However, I doubt I’ll reach my best ever total page count of over 41k from 2016, I’m currently in the 31k range.

November Reading Plans

It’s a case of joining in with several themed reading months.

In time-honoured tradition, here’s the pile of books I hope to get through this month.

They include five in translation there, two French, two Danish, one German, plus two SF at the bottom. All bar the Jamie Mollart are novellas.

And, as I’m typing I’ve just had a delivery of this highly anticipated novella (right)…

If I get through these, I have a big pile of novellas which I sorted out last year and now gets topped up as new ones arrive, and half a shelf full of more Maigrets!

11 thoughts on “Weekend Miscellany

  1. Liz Dexter says:

    Nice pile! I read Assembly a while back so will be particularly interested to see what you make of that. I’m dong Novellas and Nonfiction in November and also AusLit Month, fortunately I have Australian and short nonfiction so it should all work!

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      Heard so much about Assembly, I’m itching to read it. I’d forgotten about Aus Lit Month, will scour my shelves for something short.

  2. Penny Graham says:

    Congratulations. Good reading and a great list of books. I like your pile for the month. Yes between German Lit Month, Novellas and non fiction November we’ll be very busy.

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      It is a good feeling to meet a target like that – especially to have filled it with predominantly quality books. I’ve heard plenty of good things about The Employees, so looking forward to reading it and my other novellas.

  3. BookerTalk says:

    Well done Annabel. I’ve met my challenge too though its at a significantly lower level than yours! November is a really crowded month for reading projects isn’t it – I’m aiming to combine novellas in Nov with Australia reading month. Non Fiction Nov might have to take a back seat this year

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