Nordic FINDS – Jan 2022

FINDS – stands for Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, the five Nordic countries. For me, reading Nordic literature really began in the 1990s, when a few modern novels began to appear in translation in English and became bestsellers. In the first #NordicFINDS I spent one week per country, revisiting those gateway books that led me into Nordic lit, and as many others from each country as I had time for (concentrating on Nordic Noir and contemporary lit).

The Nordic books I read and films I watched during #NordicFINDS 2022

The list below contains all the books I and other contributors read during the five weeks of #NordicFINDS, plus all the Nordic books I’ve previously reviewed on my blog, as a resource for inspiration.

#NordicFINDS will return in 2023 – but just for a fortnight this time in January!

#NordicFINDS – The Reading List

Unless specified, reviews by Annabel/AnnaBookBel