The lost post archive: The World of Ephemera

Among all my recent ‘lost posts’ (more on that here), are some older series which I’d like to add back into the blog. I plan to add each series of posts back into their original places in the timeline with comments disabled, but with a live linking post here.

ephemeraThe first lot I’m republishlng are those on Ephemera, including a series called The World of Ephemera from 2010, and a few other posts on the subject. This post collects them all together.

I’m descended from a line of ephemera collectors – my late mum collected postcards, clipped newspapers, and kept all manner of bits of paper and most of these posts concern found papers of hers. I have found it impossible to throw these away recycle or ‘Kondo‘ many of these papers, although I have whittled them down. I like to keep ticket stubs and other interesting papers from holidays too – it’s in my genes!

So here are all the links – I hope you enjoy the posts (again):

4 thoughts on “The lost post archive: The World of Ephemera

  1. kaggsysbookishramblings says:

    What a good idea to collect the old posts like that! I confess I’m a terrible hoarder of ephemera of all sorts – boxes of postcards, bits of paper, childhood drawings of my kids, craft bits and bobs, newspaper cuttings. I often wonder if this is why my offspring are so minimalist…

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      I’m now thinking of a post on some of my ticket stubs from concerts and plays – I found an envelope full that I’d saved the other day. My daughter takes after me too!

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