Book Spine Poems for Strange Days

The other week Rebecca got this started again with her post here, and I responded with a Paul Auster book spine poem here. Then yesterday, Cathy came up with some splendid ones here, and, copycat that I am, I had to have another go. I so enjoy doing this… another way of playing with my books.

Here are two poems for the strange days we’re living in. One came out rather angry, one more hopeful. I’ve just added punctuation. Hope you enjoy these and do have a go yourself, it’s great fun.

When Will There be Good News?

The Whitehall mandarin, March of the lemmings,
Prick up your ears, You’re not listening.
Everything you do is wrong,
That was when people started to worry.

How we live and how we die,
The Distance, Lock in The Pesthouse,
Quarantine, Scrublands, Diagnosis.
The Treatment: Breathe Oxygen.

The Age of Anxiety

Days without end,
Believe me, I still dream.
Chances are You don’t have to live like this,
When all is said.
Now we shall be entirely free…

6 thoughts on “Book Spine Poems for Strange Days

  1. Rebecca Foster says:

    I love them both, but especially the second. (How funny that you put the two Craces next to each other.) I’m so impressed by everyone’s efforts. I’m observing that it helps if you have books with long titles and/or titles with prepositions or adverbs in them!

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      Thank you. The Craces just fitted so well adjacent! The long titles and prepositions really help. I find the hardest bit achieving a proper ending.

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