Weekend ramblings

After three days without an internet router the week before last, I’ve been playing catch-up at reading all your blogs this week and also concentrating on Shiny New Books – our first month in our new format is nearly over. it’s going well too – and we have some wonderful posts coming up for you (natch!). I now need to get my act together to write reviews…

If you look at my list of books waiting to be reviewed in my sidebar, you’ll see that 4 3 2 1 by Paul Auster is still there. I have started writing a review, but I am going to the Sheldonian on March 8th to hear him talk, so I won’t finish it until later.

Some of you also may remember that I was invited to join a Faber reading group for 4 3 2 1. Throughout January we read approx 200 pages per week and met online to discuss them. This was a fantastic way to read and digest this wonderful book, and the lovely Hannah at Faber has arranged for us book group members to meet him for tea the day after his Sheldonian talk (he’ll be doing one for the LRB that evening). I hope I’m able to speak to him without totally dissolving into being a complete fan girl!

One thing I have been doing is adding some more of my ‘lost posts’ back onto the blog. (When I changed web hosts, my export and import lost several years worth of posts).  However, my old blog is still going back at Annabel’s House of Books which has everything up to August 2015. I’m concentrating on re-posting and updating the reviews between then and December 2015 which don’t appear on either blog first. Sadly, the comments remain lost, and I’m putting them back into their original timeline though – I’ve just finished August 2015 – so you can read those here.

Lastly, I’ll be writing more at length about my TBR reading for The TBR Dare website soon – but I still haven’t cheated on my own reads (I’m not including Shiny review copies).

Happy Reading!

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