School Dinners by Becky Thorn

My sister-in-law has a book out and it’s a real retro nostalgia trip.

I saw the manuscript earlier this year, and it got us all talking for hours about stories of our own school dinners when we were little – loved and loathed in equal measure I think. And as for the dinner ladies … woe betide anyone who wanted to leave anything. I remember we used to have occasional odd combinations for lunch like salad with mash – the lumpy mash came in useful for hiding the beetroot in particular under (until the pink soaked through) as we were only allowed to leave one thing.

Anyway, back to Becky’s book. Wisely, she has concentrated on the food and there are recipes for all your favourites, but set in context by school dinner memories of the dishes. I’m very drawn to all the puddings in particular – yummy! It’s an ideal cookbook for anyone who likes straight-forward cooking, and will enjoy reminiscing about school – those were the days … why not give it a go and/or buy it for a friend for Christmas?

Even Ginny the cat likes this book (she’s reading the reprint – retitled Good Old-Fashioned School Dinners)

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