Rebus #2

Hide and Seek by Ian Rankin

Ian Rankin’s second Rebus novel is not quite as good as the first, but is still very enjoyable. Inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, this time the doughty inspector investigates the death of a junkie with possible satanic overtones, while his super involves him in a anti-drug taskforce set up by a group of high-flying Edinburgh businessmen. No prizes for guessing which is sleazier, or that the two may be linked!

Rebus the character is, as the author says in his prologue, not yet fully developed and I found it hard to picture him. Especially difficult since I managed to miss the TV adaptations with Ken Stott as Rebus – I only saw the previous ones with John Hannah who seemed too small and young as the Inspector. I have high hopes of number three though …

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Source: Own Copy.

Hide And Seek by Ian Rankin, Orion paperback. BUY at Blackwell’s (affiliate link)

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