Destined to be recycled, but …

Unless there is someone out there that collects 1960s single volume encyclopedias, this book is destined to go to the book recycling bank at the supermarket. I love the cover though, so I thought I’d give it a brief moment of glory before it goes …

This volume was published in 1965 by Penguin, no R31, and has over 6000 headings, cross-referenced, with a ‘particular emphasis on the second half of the twentieth century’. From existentialism to xerography, abacus to Zulu – it’s packed full of information on 648 pages. The cover design was by Brian Mayers.

Some might say it’s sacrilege, but I might just cut the front cover off and frame it!

8 thoughts on “Destined to be recycled, but …

  1. Steerforth says:

    It goes against the grain to throw books away or cut the covers off, but I do it to hundreds of titles every day. We may think that the books we donate to charity shops go on to grace the shelves of another home, but sadly many of them will end up being pulped and recycled. I’m at the final stage before oblivion, trying to rescue the gems.

  2. Marie says:

    Before I’d even finished reading your post, my first thought on seeing that cover was ‘frame it’ – go for it! Repurposing a well-loved old book rather than sending it to the pulp pile…

  3. kaggsysbookishramblings says:

    Now, you see, I’m different – I’m such a sucker for old books that I’d keep that, not only for the cover, but for the fun of reading the out-of-date information inside! I’ve never quite forgiven my mother for getting rid of the old hardback encyclopedia I grew up with which was from the printing firm my dad set the type in. But this is why my house is bulging with too many books!!

  4. CGrace says:

    You really must frame the cover. It’s such a modish 60s print and it would look fabulous on a wall. But I know how sad it can feel to get rid of a book (even one you don’t like!) However, if you really never use it, it’s best that it be recycled. Some charities recycle books and then get the money from recycling. If there’s a charity near you that you like, that might be a good option.

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