#BanksRead2021: 2 – Which is your favourite Banks novel?

Today, I’m launching a poll to ascertain our favourite Banks novels. You can pick up to three and the poll will run until midnight on Sunday when #BanksRead2021 ends.

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Which are your favourite Iain (M) Banks novels? (pick up to 3)
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2 thoughts on “#BanksRead2021: 2 – Which is your favourite Banks novel?

  1. Col says:

    Just reading the list makes me realise how many of these books I’ve loved. My favourite was Whit – I loved everything about that book. But I loved them all really – unless they had Iain M. on the front cover! Lived in Paisley for a while and had a few beers in the Craig Dhu pub at the bottom of Espedair Street with Craw Road just up the road. It always felt like a better class of pint for being between those two Banks novel titles!

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      I think Whit will be my next re-read. But that’ll be for another time. I’m finishing my week with Dead Air – one of the few I haven’t read. Just re-read A Song of Stone – and really didn’t remember all the (bad) sex in it! Review in a day or two.

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