A Reading Week for Feb 2020

I’ve been contemplating hosting a reading week for one of my favourite authors this Feb, but couldn’t decide who to go for. I narrowed it down to a shortlist of Paul Auster, Iain Banks (with or without the ‘M’) and J G Ballard.

Thank you to everyone who voted in my poll last week. The results are in and after an initial surge for Banks, Auster gradually overtook him – so Paul Auster Reading Week it will be, running from Feb 17-23 over half term.

I’ve made a graphic below, which you can copy and size as you wish – Don’t worry, I’ll share it again nearer the time. (The font I used is called American Typewriter which I thought was apt).

I read many of his books in the 1990s and noughties, and now I have the perfect excuse to revisit some of them, plus there are a handful I’ve got on the shelf, but am yet to read.

I hope you’ll consider joining me in celebrating the work of this great American author.

7 thoughts on “A Reading Week for Feb 2020

  1. winstonsdad says:

    I loved his early books but stopped reading him after man in the dark I did buy 4 3 2 1 thou so may read that my favourite has always been Auggie wren Christmas story and the film he made with Wayne Wang about it

  2. Jonathan says:

    I got into his books about twenty years ago, read nearly everything he’d written, worried that I’d run out of his books, and then read little else by him until I read some of his more recent shorter works. There are still a few I haven’t read so count me in. I may well re-read something by him though.

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