2021 Reading Plans

Firstly 2020 Reading Plans – How did I do?

  1. State of the TBR – I did actually read ten more books than 2019 from the TBR that I’d owned before 2020 began, but over the year I’ve added loads to it too. Blame it on lockdown browsing. However, I’ve decided that now I’m 60, I’m not going to stress about it any more which may take the pressure off and encourage me to read more of the books I already own. Famous last words, methinks!
  2. Host Paul Auster Reading Week – this I did (see here), and was delighted that so many joined in.
  3. Reading book series – well I managed the next three Maigrets, but forgot the next Mick Herron spy novels. However, I did read all five books in the Patrick Melrose series.
  4. Diversity in reading – I managed to read quite well in translation generally plus three novels written by African authors, two from India and several by US/UK BAME authors.
  5. Joining in elsewhere – I joined in loads of themed reading – for different authors, countries, decades etc.

Now for 2021…

I’m simplifying things. Taking the pressure off the TBR and series reads just leaves me with two aims plus an announcement.

  1. Diversity in reading – I hope to increase reading in translation and by BAME authors. However, my male:female reading ratio will be what it will be – I do not choose books because of the author’s gender, never have.
  2. Joining in elsewhere – basically, whenever I can. So, in January, for starters I’ll be taking part in the European Reading Challenge 2021 hosted by Gillion at Rose City Reader, and the Japanese Literature Challenge 14 hosted by Dolce Bellezza.

And that announcement…

Last year, when I was choosing which author to feature in a reading week, I suggested my next favourite writer (after Auster and Beryl Bainbridge) too, but Auster won the poll that time. This year, I’d like to feature/re-read/catch up with the work of that author. Will you join me in …

During the Easter school hols, I plan to host ‘BanksRead‘ when I hope you’ll join me in reading/re-reading some of the works of Iain (M) Banks, both his mainstream and SF novels. This is something I had been planning before in 2013, then the announcement came that he had terminal cancer and I shelved it. It’s time now. I have revamped my ‘BanksRead’ project page above where you can find a list of his books. Nearer the time, I’ll do a sign up post. It’ll be fun!

15 thoughts on “2021 Reading Plans

  1. heavenali says:

    The challenge to read more diversely in 2021 strikes a cord. I did OK in 2020 but I want to do better in 2021. My tbr has exploded, and when I can get rid of things it needs weeding out hugely. Juggling everything is hard.

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      My TBR runs well into 4 figures, so I do need to weed it and read more from it. I’m so easily distracted though. The diversity aims shouldn’t be so difficult for me – I enjoy reading in translation, and am enjoying fiction by BAME authors too. Good luck with your own reading in 2021.

  2. Rebecca Foster says:

    I’ve never tracked my diversity stats, but it’s clear I need to. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy trying more by Banks in April after The Crow Road last year (and my Wasp Factory DNF). My library has Espedair Street and a couple of others.

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      I didn’t need much encouragement to set up a BanksRead event! Thank you for nudging me. I chose my Easter hols as its easier for me, but will fit in Karen and Simon’s reading week too which is the same week as it turns out – but I didn’t know that at the time of posting.

  3. kaggsysbookishramblings says:

    I’m with you about keeping things simple, although I do think I could read a bit more diversely. We’ll see… I have to read what I *want* to read. Good luck with the Banks event – I don’t think I’ve actually ever read him!

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      I do find that reading to order can be a chore! I’m all for whim reading whenever possible – let’s call it directed whim reading – to factor in a bit of diversity. Banks is wonderful – something like The Crow Road might be up your street?

  4. Calmgrove says:

    I’ll try for some Banks for Easter, but like you I’ve committed to committing less (making instead faint noises that I may join in events) so we’ll see! And I seem to have missed the occasion of your six-zero anniversary, but congratulations on reaching this milestone, signpost or whatever!

  5. MarinaSofia says:

    I would like to reread Banks at some point this year, but may not be able to join you in April, as I’ll be doing the 1936 Club and from experience have learnt it’s difficult to focus on two things at once (hello from German Lit Month and Young Writer of the Year Award!). I’ll keep an eye out for it though and use it to help me make some decisions which ones to reread, which ones to read new (I haven’t read everything by him by all means) and so on…

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      I wish I’d known their dates when I looked at my own calendar! The Easter school hols seemed the obvious choice to me. I hope to fit in a 1936 book if I have (a short) one too.

  6. Liz Dexter says:

    I’ve got a few plans but mainly to a) read all of Anne Tyler, b) read everything that’s currently on my TBR. I think that will do! Happy reading in 2021!

  7. BookerTalk says:

    Our thoughts were clearly running on parallel lines since I’m going for the simple approach this year too. My TBR is considerably smaller than yours but also has the habit of growing and growing……..
    Thanks for the link to the European reading challenge – I hadn’t noticed that elsewhere

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