On April 3rd we were all stunned to see Iain Banks personal statement (click here to read) that he had terminal cancer and just months to live. There was an outpouring of deeply felt sympathy, and also a need to celebrate the wonderful catalogue of work from this brilliant author.

Sadly Iain died on June 9th, just a few days before the publication of his final novel.  The guestbook which was set up continues, where you can leave personal messages for his family – click here.  R.I.P. Iain.

Ironically, in January 2013, I had planned a project for this May to start reading and re-reading Banks – a month-long Banks Fest.  However since the announcement, I changed plans a little and just plan to gradually work my way through all his books alongside my other reading. This page will be a personal record of my project.

Below is a list of Iain’s Books together with photos of my current collection – for space reasons, I didn’t keep the early SF titles, so I shall be filling in the gaps where I can.  I’ll be linking my reviews to the list below…

Iain Banks

        • The Wasp Factory [1984] – Review
        • Walking on Glass [1985]
        • The Bridge [1986]
        • Espedair Street [1987]
        • Canal Dreams [1989]
        • The Crow Road [1992]
        • Complicity [1993]
        • Whit [1995]
        • A Song of Stone [1997]
        • The Business [1999]
        • Dead Air [2002]
        • Raw Spirit [2003]
        • The Steep Approach to Garbadale [2007]
        • Transition [2009]
        • Stonemouth [2012] – Review
        • The Quarry [2013] – Review at Shiny New Books

Iain M Banks Titles

  • Consider Phlebas [1987]
  • The Player of Games [1988]
  • Use of Weapons [1990]
  • The State of the Art [1991]
  • Against a Dark Background [1993]
  • Feersum Endjinn [1994]
  • Excession [1996
  • Inversions [1998]
  • Look to Windward
  • The Algebraist [2004]
  • Matter [2008]
  • Transition [2009]
  • Surface Detail [2010]
  • The Hydrogen Sonata [2012]