When in Rome …

For those of us voting in the MEP elections in the South East yesterday, weren’t you just a little bit tempted to waste your vote in voting for ‘The Roman Party. Ave!’? I was, then reason overcame me and I voted more conventionally instead.

I was intrigued however to look up The Roman Party. Ave! There’s virtually nothing on them, no web site or anything. But one source I did eventually uncover had interviewed its leader a couple of years ago. The party is a one man band – a French bus driver, no less, called Jean-Louis Pascual, who has lived in Reading for over 12 years. He wants to gain enough power in England so he can return to France and make his challenge for recognition there. Apparently the name of his party refers to the old proverb “When in Rome, do as Romans do”, and how he tries to fit in in his adopted home. Bon chance, Jean-Louis!

0 thoughts on “When in Rome …

  1. Ali says:

    There's something about the polling booth which urges me to act recklessly. But I never do.Even so, Johnny was a bit horrified – why did you do that big black cross Mummy?

  2. Annabel Gaskell says:

    Just seen the results – The Roman party got 5450 votes, and were not the last by any means!

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