Silly Season Stats Fun – Author Tag Frequency

I may be struggling with reviewer’s block, but my mind is still thinking bookishly! I was selecting the tags to accompany my post for this Saturday’s #6degrees, and I was struck by how some letters of the alphabet are more represented than others in author’s surnames. Cue a graph! Strictly speaking, what I’ve charted above Read More

Year End Review #5: The Stats!

I still love compiling this post each year.  I consult my trusty spreadsheet which has over ten years of basic data on it, and pull out some comparative figures about my year of reading. The top graph is accurate up to yesterday, the others to Boxing Day! For those of you who don’t like the Read More

Year end review #4: The Stats

I’ve been number-crunching on my master spreadsheet and yes, It’s time to share my year’s stats with you!  These are accurate to book 139 or 140 on my 2016 reading list on the tab above. The amount I’m reading has been gradually going up year on year, as I watch less telly, do less sewing and Read More