Shiny Linkiness – Becky Chambers

Just a quick note here to say that my review of Becky Chambers’ final book of the Wayfarer’s Quartet is up at Shiny New Books today. All four novels stand alone, being set in the same galactic milieu with different characters, just a few minimal references to characters in the other novels.

You can read about all four novels in my posts on them, the first here, the others at Shiny New Books:

Chambers’ world-building is superb and relatively unique in its optimistic outlook. Her ‘Galactic Commons’ is an area of space where many, very different alien species live in relative harmony together. Her stories are character-driven rather than plot-driven, with just enough drama to satisfy. The joy is in meeting all the wonderful characters, be they human, alien or even AI, that populate her wonderful books.

I am really looking forward to whatever she does next!

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