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It may be the Easter hols, but I’m still very busy on the termly school magazine for a day or two. So I have a link to my latest Shiny review for you to fill the gap.

Almost Love by Louise O’Neill

I was a big fan of O’Neill’s first two novels which were hard-hitting taboo-breaking stories for mid-older teens.  Only Ever Yours (reviewed here) was an ‘Atwoodian’ style meets Mean Girls the movie dystopia, about a group of girls being brought up to be the perfect companions.  Asking For It (reviewed here) was about the issue of consent and internet-shaming – on the surface very different to her first, but relationships are relationships, good and bad, a central theme of both books.

Now she has written her first novel for adults, Almost Love. Again it’s about relationships, but grown-up ones that go wrong, ones that turn from lust into obsession rather than love, ones that don’t quite make the grade to become true love. As always, although this is a slowburn novel in comparison with her YA books,  she doesn’t hold back, and her protagonist Sarah is not the most sympathetic leading character.

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Louise O’Neill, Almost Love, (Riverrun, 2018).  978-1784298869, 320pp., hardback.

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