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It’s a grey day here in Abingdon and the anticipated hard frost didn’t materialise, so I’m hoping that it is not quite so cold as the past few days have been. This means a good brisk walk to start working off all those chocolates.

I’m not good at making, or keeping, New Year’s resolutions, but looking at my figures from last year, there are some obvious directions for me to aim at in my 2009 reading.

I resolve to read:

  • more books from my TBR mountains – goes without saying really …
  • more books published before I was born;
  • the Canongate Myths series – I’ve got them all, but not started yet;
  • more world & translated fiction – loads of scope for great crime novel reading here too … I’ve tons of Wallander, Camillieri and Simenon to read for starters. (The Maigret novels are both short and pub before 1960, so qualify twice!);
  • more Non-fiction – I’ve tons of biographies to catch up on, plus some interesting science-based books amongst others on the shelves or in the piles.

I think that’s enough – else I’m in danger of having set myself a real challenge! One other thing, I’m going to try to be a bit more ruthless about what I keep once read. Here’s some of what I plan to read next …

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  1. Sarah says:

    Happy New Year Annabel!The weather in Sydney has been the opposite of yours- it’s a scorching 31 degrees Celsius. Perfect weather to loll on the lounge and read.I try not to make new years resolutions but like yourself have some reading directions I’d like to follow including more international books and more non-fiction. Of the Myths series, I’ve enjoyed The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood and have Boy Meets Girl by Ali Smith and The Fire Gospel by Michael Faber in the TBR pile. I’ve read all the Montalbano books translated to date, and hope you enjoy them. I can’t wait for the next.I’ll be interested to hear about the Hoban book. I read his The Bat Tattoo years ago, and thought it was a wonderful and bizarre book.

  2. Annabel Gaskell says:

    G’day Sarah – many thanks for all your comments – they’re really appreciated. One of my mates keeps urging me to try Hoban, so I picked his latest to start with – it certainly looks quirky! I’ve read the first two Montalbanos and enjoyed them very much, so I know what to expect there. I think the Canongate Myths series is such a great idea so am really looking forward to them. The only reason I haven’t started is that my other half gave me a signed box set of the first three for Christmas two years ago, but it’s sealed – I must not be so precious and get reading them!

  3. Fluffyblue says:

    Happy New Year Annabel!Good luck with your resolutions this year. I’m still thinking about mine. Perhaps one of them should be stop putting things off!Michaelaxxx

  4. Annabel Gaskell says:

    Michaela – the way I see it – resolutions are made to be broken. I’ve no intention of religiously keeping to mine, but will try for as long as it lasts.Many thanks for all your friendly comments and a Happy New Year to you too.Cheersx

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