A Great Year of Reading

I’m so pleased with my reading this year. I’ve managed to read 114 books – the most I’ve read in a year since my commuting days (when I could easily polish off 3 or 4 books a week in a hour each way journey). I’ve reviewed them all on Librarything and the full list of what I’ve read, with ratings and links is on the sidebar.

At the risk of boring you I’ve done a little analysis with the aim of helping to make a few “Reading Resolutions” for tomorrow. In 2008, I read:

  • 30,826 pages
  • 100 novels
  • 14 non-novels of which 2 were poetry
  • About a tenth were European – and those were exclusively French or Scandinavian except for Blindness by Saramago.
  • Just 5% were written by Non-UK, European or US authors
  • Nearly 20% were crime novels or thrillers
  • The next biggest genre with 10% were historical novels
  • The most amazing statistic is that nearly three quarters were published in 2000 or later. This goes to show how drawn I am to reading all the newbies rather than visiting the TBR mountains!
  • Most of the rest were published after I was born, just ten were pre 1960.
  • I read more Penguins than books from any other publisher, but also more novels from small or new publishers this year.

See you in the New Year!

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