Pocket Money

Most bloggers do it because they have something to say, they want to share their opinions and hear yours. I’ve found that the blogosphere is a fantastic way of making virtual friends.
It is nice to get a bit of pocket money on the side though, so most of us are affiliated to one or more internet emporia. If you click on certain links like book titles or authors’ names, apart from reading other people’s reviews on a product too, you might be tempted to buy – then we bloggers as the linkers earn some pennies in commission.

Up until now, I’ve been linking to Amazon (UK) – but have yet to earn enough to trigger a payout anyway! The Book Depository has recently started an affiliates scheme so I’ve signed up to that, (they give a straight 5% commission). They offer free P&P worldwide, and some of their prices are cheaper than Amazon, so all my book links will link to them, others still to the other place. There’s a button on the sidebar if you’d like to check them out.

Commercial over – back to books next post.

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