My TBR Rainbow #9: Pattern

Earlier this year I did a series of posts of books from my TBR piles grouping them into rainbow colours (collated here). Time for another – and something different. Spotting a multi-coloured striped spine across the room, I thought I’d look for more. Gosh it was difficult!

There are many bicoloured spines – maybe different colours on top and bottom of the spine, or the top and bottom being a different colour to the middle. These aren’t proper stripes. Failing to find many, I expanded my search to include regular patterns. It still wasn’t easy and I came up with the smaller than usual pile beneath – don’t they look pretty together?

P1040134 (1024x768)

I challenge anyone to come up with more than 11!

10 thoughts on “My TBR Rainbow #9: Pattern

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      I want to try to fit Marie into WIT month. I am desperate to read Shopgirl from that pile (now I’ve found it again!)

  1. Jenny @ Reading the End says:

    Does Funny Girl count? The American hardback cover isn’t exactly stripy, but it has several different bands of colors. It’s pretty close to the way the Jess Walter spine looks, so I’m going to say it, yes, counts. But there’s no chance at all I’d be able to get together more than eleven books with stripy/patterned spines.

  2. Bookertalk says:

    I give in at the first hurdle. I would have to spend half a day just getting anywhere near the back of the shelves to se what is lurking….

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      It wasn’t easy and I do have a lot of shelves to look at – but it’s fun – and I spot other books in my TBR that I want to read sooner doing it, so it also has some value. I’ve another fun one coming up soon – I’m currently searching! 🙂

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