Moviewatch – Moon

I saw Moon the other night on DVD and was absolutely blown away by this brilliant and clever little movie.

Sam Rockwell plays an astronaut, also called Sam, who is reaching the end of his three year contract manning a mining station on the moon. He lives all alone there with just the robot GERTY for company, and occasional messages from his wife and daughter back home. When one of the drilling machines develops a fault, he goes out in one of the rovers to fix it, but crashes. He wakes up back in the station’s sick bay, and GERTY is asking him to do some tests to check that he’s alright. Sam is suspicious and tries to get up and find out what happened… That’s all you’re getting of the plot, to tell you any more would spoil things completely, but it’s a real thriller!

It’s the film debut of the former Zowie Bowie, who now goes by the name of Duncan Jones; he also wrote the story. The look and feel of the film crosses 2001: a space odyssey with hints of Dark Star, and even light touches from Red Dwarf and the Alien movies – due homage is paid in style. The suspense is upped by the wonderful ambient soundtrack by Clint Mansell which never gets in the way, just this little menacing two note motif that builds the tension nicely. Also, thanks to the wonderful voice talent that plays the voice of GERTY, you’re never quite sure whose side the robot is on, (no I’m not letting on who). Most of all, Rockwell proves his versatility as an actor – it would be wonderful if he got an Oscar nomination.

0 thoughts on “Moviewatch – Moon

  1. savidgereads says:

    I have been told that this is a brilliant film, though sadly said person then told me exactly how it ends which wasnt really the most helpful of situations hahahaha. I still want to see it though.

  2. Steph says:

    Tony and I saw this a few months back at our local indie movie theater for a date night. Normally I'm not one to race to a sci-fi movie, but I really enjoyed this one! I believe GERTY is voiced by Kevin Spacey, which is probably the best role the man has had in about a decade!

  3. Annabel Gaskell says:

    Simon – how could they! Actually I worked out the central twist quickly, but couldn't see how it would end… Steph – yes he has the perfect voice for it. However I've been lucky enough to see him on the London stage twice and his Richard II was brilliant.

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