Here are my snowy pictures …

It was glorious sunshine in Abingdon today. We’re lucky to live on the doorstep of a lovely park and I took the camera with me today when my daughter and I went for a wander. Many of yesterday’s snowmen had been cannibalised to make launch ramps for sledging. With all the local schools being closed for the second day, everyone was having fun in the sunshine. Here Albert (we also have a statue of Victoria at a different park in Abingdon) is benevolently watching the snowball fun.

It was a different story yesterday without the sunshine. Here’s Abingdon School, (complete with igloo on the field).

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  1. Kathryn says:

    We live near Albert Park too – I was dead impressed with the Abingdon School igloo. Not so impressed with the icy state of the roads though 🙁

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