More Book Spine Poetry

Last year in lockdown, I made several stacks of books to create some book spine poetry, having tried it previously here some years prior. My first lockdown one was a Paul Auster poem here, followed by a ‘lockdown special pair here.

Doing some cleaning up of files on my computer, I discovered another one I did last year, but had forgotten to post, so here it is now…

The Age of Light
Offshore, the tidal zone. The surface breaks.
Diving belles coming up for air, surfacing,
Mudlarking on Chapel Sands,
Chasing the Sun, west of sunset.

I think I may be doing some more of this kind of playing with my books now we are in lockdown again! Its quite therapeutic, but does result in piles of books all over the floor as you build potential piles – why not have a go?

14 thoughts on “More Book Spine Poetry

  1. Rebecca Foster says:

    Ha ha! It must be something in the air — I have it on my to-do list today to work on a book spine poem of my currently reading stack, which somehow has some very evocative titles at the moment, as well as ones with some useful prepositions and suchlike. I’ll probably post a poem next week.

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      It’s when you spot a few titles that go well together. I remember finding Diving Belles and the Orwell on adjacent shelves and I was off.

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      Oh thank you. It was sheer serendipity that I spotted all those sun, sea, sand type books. They fitted together so well.

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