Library Checkout – July

I’ve not joined in with this monthly tag, which Rebecca always does, before – but then, until this spring, I’d not used my local library for years and years. What got me going again was that I needed to get my hands on some of the Wellcome Book Prize longlisted titles. Added to that I’m trying to purchase fewer books, and not doing too badly at all on that front. I do like browsing in the library though, and unless you’ve paid £1.25 to reserve a book, it’s free, so you can take a chance on anything you fancy. I’m also enjoying dipping into the poetry shelves there.

Here are the books I currently have on loan:

  • Landfill by Tim Dee – A Little Toller Monograph about gulls and their favoured locales
  • The Friend by Sigrid Nunez – review coming soon of this wonderful and witty novel about grief and a dog
  • The Lola Quartet by Emily St John Mandel – suspenseful novel about a missing girl and a jazz quartet
  • Barnhill by Norman Bissell – a recent novel about George Orwell’s time living on Jura
  • The Casual Perfect by Lavinia Greenlaw – poetry – looking foward to reading these – I love Greenlaw’s writing.
  • The Magician’s Book – A Skeptic’s Adventures in Narnia by Laura Miller – an adult returns to her childhood favourite books.


That’s it for this month! I would expect to see several of these books remaining in next month’s pile, as I’m trying to concentrate on reducing my 20 Books of Summer.

14 thoughts on “Library Checkout – July

  1. Rebecca Foster says:

    Thanks so much for taking part! Your library system has a great selection — I wish I could access copies of Landfill and The Magician’s Book. I hadn’t heard of Barnhill, so I’m glad you mentioned it. I loved The Friend, too, such a clever and heartwarming little book.

  2. Laura says:

    Given how much I loved Station Eleven, I should really get round to reading more by Emily St John Mandel. The Lola Quartet sounds interesting.

  3. Kaggsysbookishramblings says:

    Interesting selection! I like Greenlaw’s writing too so I’ll need to check out her poetry. And your library charges to reserve! Ours is free!!

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      Lucky you – free reservations! However, I can reserve books from any branch of Oxfordshire libraries – the charge primarily pays the transport costs I think. Greenlaw was a poet then novelist etc – this collection is from 2011.

  4. Café Society says:

    I read, and very much enjoyed Mandel’s Last Night in Montreal after having loved Station Eleven and meant to read The Lola Quartet – in fact I think I even have a copy of it somewhere. I must look it out as I see she has a new novel announced for next year.

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      I hope I get to the Lola Quartet. Last night in Montreal is on my shelf. The Singer’s Gun was also good. Yay to a new novel next year from her!

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      I could afford to buy all the books I wanted, helping to keep my local indie bookshops in business. Not quite so flush these days, so the library is brilliant.

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