The NB Blogger’s Book Prize! Vote Closes on the 17th.

First of all, a big thank you to Rebecca who pointed this prize out to me, I might have missed the submission date otherwise.

NB, formerly New Books, Magazine is ‘a literary magazine and online platform for book lovers, book clubs and all round bibliophiles.’ I used to subscribe to it in its initial guise, but didn’t keep my subscription up for some reason. Since then, it has integrated Nudge Books and upgraded its look and content.

It has also instigated an annual prize for Book Blogger reviews. Amanda at Bookish Chat won last year, which I think was the first year. This year bloggers were invited to submit their reviews of a book from NB’s longlist of thirty titles, or another title.

One of the longlisted titles was my Book of the Year 2020 – Piranesi by Susanna Clarke. Submissions were in two parts: Firstly, an elevator pitch of up to 100 words. Secondly, a review of up to 500 words. I spent several hours editing and honing my original review for Shiny New Books, which was nearly 1000 words (including quotes). That took some doing. I submitted my entry and thought no more of it!

So I was gobsmacked to find out that I’ve been shortlisted! My review should now be up on the NB website alongside the other shortlisted bloggers, where everyone can vote for their favourite. The votes are being split between the public and the judging panel which includes last year’s shortlisted bloggers.

I’d like to invite you to read the shortlisted entries and

VOTE for ME (or one of the others).


15 thoughts on “The NB Blogger’s Book Prize! Vote Closes on the 17th.

  1. MarinaSofia says:

    Congratulations! l think that’s a terrific idea: there are so many excellent reviews in the book blogging sphere, that deserve to be better known and rewarded in some way. Best of luck!

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