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Morgan Is My Name by Sophie Keetch

Shiny is back from its summer break today with one of my reviews. I do love all these retellings of ancient myths and legends that have covered the bookshelves in recent years telling the stories from female perspectives, but if truth be told, I am getting fed up of the Ancient Greeks, gods, goddesses, heroes and heroines etc., and especially anything Trojan!

So I was delighted to find a new Arthurian novel. What bliss, for I love things Arthurian even more than the other ancients.

Morgan is My Name is the first volume in a planned trilogy that retells the story of Morgan Le Fay, traditionally the antiheroine of Arthurian legend, taking us from her childhood, through adolescence and being married off, through rebellion and joining her half-brother Arthur at Camelot where she courts Merlin’s powers; the man she hates; the man that enabled her mother’s possession by Uther, which begot Arthur. Thankfully her half-brother is nothing like his father.

I found this novel to be well-written and researched and very entrancing. Loved it. I can’t wait for the following volumes.

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Sophie Keetch, My Name is Morgan (Magpie, 2023) 978-0861545193, 350pp., hardback.

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