I get inside the Groucho Club (briefly)!

Just under a month ago, I blogged about the crowd-funding publisher Unbound and how much I was enjoying pledging my pennies towards getting books published – being a ‘Book Angel’ definitely appeals to me.  (Incidentally, I’ve just done Spotlight on Publishing article with Unbound which will be in the new edition of Shiny New Books on Monday).

Reports have got back to me that several books have received pledges as a result of that post – so thank you! In fact one author (John-Paul Flintoff) wrote me an e-mail to say thank you to the reader(s) who pledged towards his book – so if you’re reading this, you’re doubly appreciated. (The discount code ‘Newcomer’ is still valid by the way.)

Meanwhile, a few days ago, I received my deluxe hardback edition of the first book I had pledged to – Lists of Note by Shaun Usher.  It is gorgeously produced, fascinating, will make a wonderful Christmas/Birthday present for anyone.

Anyway, I only pledged enough money to receive the deluxe hardback, but thanks to my Shiny credentials and that blogpost – I was invited to the launch party of Lists of Note … at The Groucho Club no less!  That private members club hotspot of exclusive luvviedom in the heart of London’s Theatreland in the Soho.  So off I trotted on Thursday evening …

The launch party was held in one of the upstairs private rooms, and it soon got very packed – mostly publishing people from Unbound (and Canongate who will produce the mass-market editions of the book).  I mean even Jamie Byng was there! (Canongate Head Honcho and very charismatic). I did feel very much out of my depth, being one of the few non-publishing folk there, but did have a  have a short but lovely chat with the author of Lists of Note – Shaun Usher – and he autographed my copy in such a lovely way ….

I’ve got my own list! (And yes, my name is printed in the back as a pledger.)

This was the poshest book launch I’ve been to, and to be honest, introvert that I am, I found it very difficult to schmooze with all the publishing folk who know each other (and not me), but it was ‘quite interesting’ (the Unbound co-founders have links to the TV prog QI); I was content to be a watcher.

But I shall continue to be a book angel as funds and whim permit!




11 thoughts on “I get inside the Groucho Club (briefly)!

    • Annabel (gaskella) says:

      It’s a nice feeling, and with Unbound you pick the specific books you want to support.

    • Annabel (gaskella) says:

      As we were in a private room, I didn’t get to mingle in the main bar/restaurant. I should have taken some pics inside though as it was full of art everywhere. It’s up Dean St off Shaftesbury Ave.

  1. kaggsysbookishramblings says:

    How exciting Annabel! I think I would have been totally overwhelmed in your shoes!!

  2. David Nolan (David73277) says:

    Unbound is a fantastic idea. I too am backing John Paul Flintoff’s book, but I did so before you blogged about it, so I’m afraid you can’t take any of the credit for that 🙂

    My only reservation about Unbound is that it does sometimes have the feel of a bunch of celebrity chums promoting each other. An impression re-inforced somewhat by your description of the launch event you attended. Many of the authors already seem to be famous for something else, such as being a comedian or being in a band. It would be good to see them also supporting new writers who are not yet famous, or established authors that have been dropped by their publishers.

    Another book I’m supporting tells the stories of previous owners of the author’s second hand books – an idea which I think may well appeal to readers of your blog:

    • Annabel (gaskella) says:

      Aw Shucks – I saw your name on his list of supporters and wondered 😉 I saw that other pitch you mentioned too and was wondering about it, sounds rather fun.

      Re the celeb-ness of Unbound – that is a question I asked them – see my interview in Shiny Issue 3 tomorrow! (Terry Jones helped them get off the ground though, so he is allowed).

      The only celebs at the Unbound party were the Unbound co-founders and Jamie Byng, but it was v.luvvie atmosphere. The author it was for – Shaun Usher, was lovely – and not at all slebby, being more a historian of ephemera.

  3. Dark Puss says:

    I haven’t supported any authors nut I have supported musicians and graphic novelists via crowd funding. I have no idea if they fit the “celebrity” model or not and I am unlikely to meet them. I also support one artist by directly commissioning works from her and that has proved very successful and I have met her on a number of occasions in London (she lives in LA) and is a “celebrity” (though she certainly doesn’t behave like one) in the “alt model” world.

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