Embarking on a year of Powell…

I’m totally useless at challenges usually, but I have been meaning to read Anthony Powell’s twelve novel sequence known as The Dance to the Music of Time for so long that I couldn’t put it off any longer. Karen and Ali both did it last year and it’s only around 250 pages per month… so it’s my turn this year.

As you’ll see above I made a button for the sidebar as encouragement to myself if I should flag. It fits in perfectly with the TBR dare at the moment too, and I have actually read the first book already and will be posting about it very soon. I hope to be having a great conversation about it with you.

11 thoughts on “Embarking on a year of Powell…

  1. Thomas at My Porch says:

    Temptress! I have the set in the edition that uses that painting. I’ve been meaning to read it as well, but for some reason don’t have much interest in reading it. So maybe your project can kickstart things for me. No firm commitment, but I think I may join you.

    • Annabel (gaskella) says:

      You’d be very welcome to join in Thomas. The more the merrier. I haven’t set a strict schedule for posting other than monthly starting now.

      My editions are the TV tie-in from some years ago in four volumes for the four seasons – I have acquired the DVD of the TV series which was made for C4 here, but will not watch it until I finish one way or another.

  2. crimeworm says:

    My old neighbour had them (untouched, definitely!) and I’ve heard it’s quite hard going – but I’ll be really interested to see what you think. It’s one I’d really like to read sometime. I must stop reading “easy” stuff, it’s quite lazy of me!

  3. Col says:

    I love the fact that you think you’re useless at challenges and then take this on!!! Am impressed! It’s way too much for me – I’ve set a personal challenge this year – not too miss my stop on the train to and from work! Had near miss this morning while buried in The Bone Clocks! But this is nothing compared to what you’re doing so hats off to you!

  4. Fleur in her World says:

    I read these books years ago and loved them. I think you will too. I made the mistake of getting rid of my copies when I moved house, realising I had to read them again one day and buying another set.

  5. Anokatony says:

    I recently completed ‘Wgat’s Become of Waring’, one of Anthony Powell’s free-standing comic novels and will be writing a review shortly. I don’t believe I’m up for the ‘Dance’ challenge.

  6. james b chester says:

    I do not know these books at all, but I admire such an ambitious goal. I did a similar thing with Les Miserables and Tristram Shandy by setting each up as a book I would read a major section of each month for four to six months. It was fun. I hope you enjoy this series.

  7. Karen K. says:

    I’ve wanted to read this ever since I saw it on the Modern Library Top 100 list. I found a copy of the first volume at a used bookstore last year and it was in such great condition I couldn’t resist. I definitely want to read at least one volume this year, so I’ll be following your progress with great interest.

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