Christmas Prizes!

Two of my biggest hobbies, when not reading or blogging, are compiling quizzes and sewing. So I’ve combined both into my blog’s first giveaway with a little festive quiz.

Yes, I know it’s only November, but so I can get prizes to wherever they need to go to in time to be useful on a Christmas tree, entries will close on Nov 30 and the draw will be made on December 1. I will send worldwide. Just email me with the answers to these questions and you could win a selection of exclusive Gaskella Designs Christmas decorations.

They are shaker-inspired, hand-sewn felt decorations with beads and ribbons. I sew loads of different hearts, stockings and other shapes in traditional red-based colours, and funky purples and pinks, plus lavender hearts and stars, and kits to make nine inch felt Christmas stockings for kids. Before I went back to work I used to have a stall at my daughter’s school Christmas Fair and would spend all summer and autumn sewing to make enough decorations and stocking kits to sell. These days I sew mainly for myself, for friends and as presents – but I will take commissions!

Now for the questions:
1. Which broadcaster’s current Christmas book is subtitled: Food, Family, Friends, Festivities?
2. In which book by the author of Sophie’s World does Joachim discover things going on behind the windows of his advent calendar?
3. Whose Father Christmas is bald, always grumpy and moaning about ‘Blooming snow’?
4. What is the name of Ebenezer Scrooge’s downtrodden clerk in Dickens’ Christmas Carol?
5. Who wrote a hilarious book of school nativity play anecdotes called ‘A Wayne in a Manger’?

Email me to enter by Nov 30, Good luck!

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