Book Spine Poetry #1

The late, great musical satirist Tom Lehrer had a song called I got it from Agnes which went:

I love my friends and they love me
We’re just as close as we can be
And just because we really care
Whatever we get, we share!

I got it from Agnes
She got it from Jim…. etc etc

So I shamelessly used Rebecca at Bookish Beck‘s Book Spine Poetry idea, and she got it from someone else…

I loved doing this – my bedroom floor was gradually covered with short stacks of books that sort of fitted together, and I have the basis of several more book spine poems in the making, but I’m rather pleased with my first effort (which I’ve also added to my header gallery):P1030837 (1280x960)

Equations of Life

While the Gods were sleeping under rose-tainted skies,
Heavy weather the sun and moon corrupted.
All that is solid melts into air,
Thin air, oxygen, a handful of dust.

The gone-away world.

The gap of time.
Weightless satellite people,
The watchers, restless, journey by moonlight the road home.
Dark Eden, sane new world.

4 thoughts on “Book Spine Poetry #1

  1. Poppy says:

    Oh this is fabulous! And laughing at your messy floor… after months of trying to organise my books my foray into Book Spine Poetry has totally deconstructed the lot! Look forward to seeing more…

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