Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week

BBRW-2016-2It’s here!  The second Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week.

I hope that many of you will join in reading and posting reviews – please leave a link in the comments below.

I will add all the links into a wrap-up post and add to my Reading Beryl page too later. If you’re not sure what to read, my Reading Beryl page has a synopsis of all her books, plus links to a multitude of reviews and other media. If you’re not joining in reading a Beryl book this week, I do hope you’ll enjoy getting to know Beryl’s books a little.

Beryl is one of my favourite authors to read, but also to watch and listen to. She often cropped up on the TV or radio and had such a loveable character. I would have loved to have met her. She was also a brilliant artist, (see my review of a book by her friend Psyche Hughes on her art here).

My first review tomorrow will be on a re-read, thereafter I’ll be concentrating on some of her lesser-known novels.

Join with me in celebrating the life and work of Beryl Bainbridge – one of our most-loved British authors.

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