Appearing elsewhere …

Just a short post to say that today I’m appearing elsewhere … My bookcases and I are over at Savidge Reads. Answering Simon’s questionnaire about my bookcases (and let’s face it, my mountainous TBR), was great fun and I am delighted to be taking part in his regular feature.

I took a bag of books to the charity shop this morning – including several chunksters that are just too long and don’t think I’ll ever read them – that means Infinite Jest, A Suitable Boy and Anathem amongst others. They may be masterpieces but life’s too short. Between them that frees up over six inches of shelf space, and I can always re-acquire/borrow them should the urge to actually read them come.

So see you at Simon’s and I’ll sure we can find a virtual cuppa and biscuits while you peruse the shelves…

0 thoughts on “Appearing elsewhere …

  1. Cornflower says:

    I loved A Suitable Boy and don’t recall finding it long (though of course it is!), but then if space is at a premium it would be a prime candidate for the cull.

    • gaskella says:

      Sorry to disappoint you – but too late, A suitable boy has gone … for now. With a TBR into the multiple 1000s, I’m having to concentrate on those books I’m surer that I’ll read. I could always buy it again though … there are often copies in charity shops.

  2. kheenand says:

    Kudos to you for supporting the charity shops at a time when they’re feeling the effects of the recession like other retail outlets. I do try to prune out the books I have had lingering for years now and realistically never going to read. But every time I put the pile ready, I get the same comment from my husband ‘I was thinking of reading that.’ so back on the shelf it goes…for at least another decade

    • gaskella says:

      Only the posh ones are organised neatly though… I’m currently culling to make a little room for more neatness, (or is that space for more books 😉 )

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