Now my shelf is full …

With the arrival of the final volumes (Orange and Grey) from the Folio Society, my collection of Andrew Lang’s collected fairy tales is complete, and they fit that shelf perfectly.

I really must stop buying books now until after Christmas – except as presents, and those already on order, and I do have a full loyalty card to spend, and … well, I’ll try!

19 thoughts on “Now my shelf is full …

    • gaskella says:

      They’re *cough* an investment! Actually – they’re directly on your eyeline at the top of the stairs on the landing (out of the sun too). I dip into them to read a tale now and then, and love just looking at the pictures. What I would like is an index to the tales (there must be one available online somewhere).

  1. lizzysiddal says:

    Absolutely glorious! Hard to understand how I have thus far been able to resist collecting these beauties ….

  2. kainzow06 says:

    A folio devotee on wordpress?
    How rare!
    I have quite a few FS books(around 25) at home,but I give priority to classics.
    I’ve bought Aesop’s Fables and Arabian Nights.Now I’m eyeing the fairy tales from Perrault,Andersen and Grimm to complete my facsimile collection.

    As for the Lang fairy books,I really want to start collecting them now,but they might be too expensive for me! (I’m not losing hope though)

    Your books look really beautiful!!
    I’m definitely following you! 😉

    • gaskella says:

      Thanks! I’m not the only Folio devotee – Lizzy above is also one. I favour all the fairy tales, but also myths & legends and modern fiction classics! An expensive habit – but they are so lovely.

  3. Smiler says:

    Hi Annabel, another Folio Devotee here on WP! That is a very lovely shelf. I’m expecting the Orange and Grey books to arrive any day now, along with a few other FS treasures, after which I’ll only need the Violet book to complete my set of Lang books. Mine are spread out among my shelves as I’ve organized my Folios by colour, being inspired by the photo previously on their website showing such a display.

  4. LizF says:

    I can’t tell you how much I covet that shelf of books!
    I do occasionally have a look at the Folio catalogue but for me the prices far exceed what I could justify spending on a book which puts them way out of reach unless I win the Lottery!
    If they were mine I think I would be very precious about them.
    I hope your shelf is cat proof – I have some very old (inherited)leatherbound books which have to live in an enclosed bookcase because I caught a couple of the cats nibbling them when they were on a shelf.

    • gaskella says:

      They are almost too precious to read! But I do – very carefully. That shelf is high, with no lip for paw-holds, so I think they’re safe from the cats 🙂

  5. litlove says:

    They are wonderful! I work at the Amnesty secondhand bookshop in Cambridge and we occasionally get Folio books in and drool over them a bit (being careful not to mark the slip covers, of course). I’m also trying to stop buying books between now and Christmas. Had to resort to persuading my husband to buy a couple online last night because the price was too low to miss out on, and telling him to hide them until Christmas came….

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