Two recent Shiny reviews…

I’m off to London today for the annual PFD Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year blogger’s do at the Groucho (yes, I’m name-dropping), so here are links to my two Shiny reviews this week. Either would make wonderful Christmas presents….

Eye of the Shoal by Helen Scales

Marine biologist Scales, having previously written books about seahorses and molluscs, turns to the world of fish in her latest, which is full of her trademark blend of science and cultural references to ichthyology.

From fishes’ place on the scientific tree of life to the phenomenon of shoaling  to whether fish can feel pain, this  volume is full of fishy facts brought to life in beautifully written and comprehensible text. Lovely!

Read my full review here.

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‘Broadsword calling Danny Boy’: On Where Eagles Dare by Geoff Dyer

If you’re stuck for a stocking filler for your dad or brother etc. providing they’re of an age where they watched war movies – this is the business.  Dyer’s longform essay of film criticism on one of his favourite movies, Where Eagles Dare, is full of wit and insight and essentially follows the film through from opening titles through Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood’s infiltration of the impregnable Schloss Adler to rescue an English general during WWII, featuring that cable-car scene!

Loved it! (especially Burton’s voice and Clint’s chiselled looks!)

Read my full review here.

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  1. Calmgrove says:

    Thanks for these two links: I read an interesting review of the Where Eagles Dare in The Guardian so shall be keen to see your opinion! Curious too the instance of nominative determinism evident in the author writing about fishy things… 😁

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