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The new style Shiny New Books is back with new reviews for you

We have a new site design and a new way of sharing our content with our readers. We’re changing from our former ‘magazine’ format, in which we published lots of new pages in big batches every couple of months (and giving you too much to read in one sitting), to continuous posting.

Each Tuesday and Thursday, we’ll publish new reviews and articles – sometimes just one post, occasionally more – for our first fortnight, we have multiple posts lined up.

This will be more manageable for Shiny Eds Harriet and Annabel, but will also give us a better opportunity to promote our reviews and articles and achieve a bigger readership for the individual posts. We will keep to our original remit of reviewing books published during the previous 3-4 months, but can also be more responsive to scheduling our reviews closer to publication dates where practicable. Our regular newsletter will become a monthly review – you can sign up on the sidebar.

And the first small batch includes one review by yours truly…

The Novel of the Century by David Bellos

The story behind Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables is an exciting tale in itself, and Bellos, esteemed French literature professor and translator also gets deep into Hugo’s life and times to show us where his inspiration came from, as well as the history of how the novel finally came to be.

Fascinating – whether you have actually read Les Mis or not (I’ve read some, but have seen the musical and latest film).

If you want a taster, it was Radio 4’s book of the week last week – listen here, but of course, first you should:

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