The best way to appreciate poetry?

Faber New Poets 13 – Elaine Beckett

Faber new poets 13In the bookshop the other day, I was browsing the collection of poetry cards with someone in mind to buy one for, when the latest additions to the Faber New Poets range caught my eye.

These pamphlets are funded by the Arts Council to “support emerging talents” and they’re up to no 16 now at four per year. At a fiver each, they’re not cheap but are nicely produced and conversely at a fiver they are affordable if you fancy a dash of poetry, but lack the time or inclination to read or buy a whole book.

Flicking through several, I was very drawn to Elaine Beckett’s collection – her poem called ‘Norfolk Winter ’72’ caught my eye instantly.

P1040050 (644x800)

Other whimsical subjects include a conversation in the fishmongers, a new kitchen, finding a lost puffin jug – and a very amusing one called Elizabeth David’s Instructions for Crêpes Dentelles. In between these light-hearted ones were wistful love poems and one about a refugee’s experience, titled How on Earth Would We Have Managed.

This booklet of fifteen poems was the perfect length to savour – I was very taken with Elaine Beckett’s style. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for her in future and some of the others in this series too.  Have any of you encountered these pamphlets?

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5 thoughts on “The best way to appreciate poetry?

  1. Rebecca Foster says:

    This sounds like good fun. I hadn’t come across Beckett before but I would definitely look out for her work. I don’t think I’d pay £5 for 15 poems, but I would get the series from the library.

  2. backstreeter says:

    Thanks Annabel for pointing these out. I do like easy to read poems that still pack a punch. Thought Sophie Hannah was amazing with her collection Pessimism for Beginners

  3. mybookjacket says:

    I adore that! I wish poetry pamphlets were available here. or postcards. I’d grab them all. It’s a great way to sample a poet before investing in them.

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