Shiny is 2!

Happy Birthday to Shiny New Books

SNB-logo-large-2Shiny New Books is two years old today!  I’ve added two rather basic candles to our logo (and I’m looking forward to when we can have four!)

A huge THANK YOU to my co-editors SimonHarriet and Victoria and every single one of our contributors who, through quality writing and enthusiasm, have made it the success it undoubtedly is.

With issue 9, we’re moving to a regular publication schedule – six issues a year in alternate months, rather than 4 quarterly issues with 3 occasional supplements. Each issue will have around 60 pages of content which is also more manageable for everyone – readers won’t be so overwhelmed, and it spreads out the work for us – but the total number of pages will be roughly the same.

We’re always open to having new contributors join our gang, so if you’d like to review or write a feature for us, drop us an email including a link to your blog or website if you have one. As a self-funded site, we can’t offer any payment, just review copies of any books if we can get them and some free publicity.  See here for more information about our editorial and review policy.

The new issue went live at around 8am BST today – so do head over there and let us know what you think. We know you’re all busy, but we do love your comments.

Thank you.

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