Round-up – Fireworks & Blog Stats

It was the fireworks evening at my daughter’s school last night. Yes, I know it’s not the usual timing, but by having our display a week later we are able to get one of the best firework companies in the country to do our little event. Kimbolton Fireworks are the biz – they’re doing the New Year fireworks at Edinburgh this year. That said, our private event was just about sold out, but we were really worried about the weather. Despite gales and rain on Friday into Saturday, we put our faith in the Met Office and it had all gone by teatime, and we were left with a clear but cool evening – perfect! The display itself was great – including some amazing ones call screaming banshees which make a really screechy noise as they whizz overhead.

As I was the event organiser, I haven’t been reading much this week, I’ve mostly been fretting about the weather! But I was looking at my blog stats the other day, and it was amusing to see what people were searching for when they arrived here…

  • scottish accent oafay – this obviously landed the querier on my Lit quiz report where I apologised for my awful pronounciation of the first line of Trainspotting.
  • Strict boarding schools, Peter and the headmistress – Not sure which page this would actually have landed them on as I put it into Google and my blog didn’t come up on the first few pages …
  • Even stranger still is “Jeanette Winterson + Hylda Baker! but I have mentioned them both in posts – reviewing the former’s Tanglewreck earlier in the year, and mentioning the latter here; Those hits combined made me top of the chart on Google.
  • But funniest of all – the searcher of this phrase “what is maschiostic?” which is a typo (obviously!), ended up in a post of mine entitled I’m a convert! I think they would have been really disappointed – as it was a post about my finally reading a Thomas Hardy book, in this case Tess.

Also at the moment I’m trying to decide what to get my secret santee in the Book Bloggers Holiday Swap… a difficult decision, but a fun one. Hopefully, back to some proper book posts next week. Cheerio for now.

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