Reel food!

Movie Dinners by Becky Thorn

It’s time to blow the family trumpet.  My sister-in-law’s second cookery book is published today.  It does exactly what it says on the cover – helping you to recreate food from the movies in your own kitchen.  From Oliver’s pease pudding and saveloy to the bunny boiler’s rabbit stew from Fatal Attraction via that sandwich from When Harry met Sally, with some memorable cocktails and accompaniments thrown in, it’s an awful lot of fun.  Combining movie quotes and stills with comments on the foodie scenes themselves, and of course, the full recipes – it’ll make an ideal prezzie for any foody film buff, and it’s only £9.99, (£6.49 at Amazon for the hardback).

Now I’m looking forward to my copy of the new book arriving – so far I’ve only seen the proof copies …  Becky will be doing a signing with yummy treats to sample from the book at Waterstone’s in Sutton on Thurs Sept 16, click here for more info.

Becky’s first book was called School Dinners – a retro treat that is guaranteed to put a rose-tinted gloss on the terrors of the school canteen. My memory is that semolina excepted, the puddings did tend to be mostly yummy – butterscotch tart was my favourite – delicious!

To celebrate, I have a little giveaway for you: I have one copy of School Dinners to giveaway. I’ll send worldwide, just leave your name in a comment and I’ll draw at the weekend.  If you’d like to tell me your school dinner loves and hates, that’d be fun too. 

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0 thoughts on “Reel food!

  1. Mystica says:

    We dont do school dinners in Sri Lanka and just for my information only why is it called
    dinner when its at lunchtime? just asking only…

    Please throw my name in the hat please!

  2. Jessica says:

    Sutton is where my parents live, I know that Waterstones well.

    Mystica – you might be opening a can of worms with the whole Lunch/dinner thing. I used to call lunch dinner and dinner tea in Somerset but had to change my ways when I moved to London.

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