Reading Resolutions for 2024

I could essentially repost the same text as I did for this year’s reading resolutions! In fact, here’s most of what I said:

I don’t really like to impose restrictions on my reading. That way lies the spectre of reading block! A good balance between own books and review copies/blog tours is essential, and I was happy with how that went last year.

The key statistic from 2022 was looking at where my books came from. For the first time, books from my TBR piles outweighed new acquisitions (30% vs 27%). Although it is fair to comment that I purchased far more than the 36 books I read that were bought in 2022 – so in effect I’m always pre-loading my TBR for the next year. Ahem!

My main aim is to keep that TBR number up, to better the proportions if I can (and maybe buy fewer new books too!). One easy way of supporting that is to only read from the TBR piles for any readalongs and challenges I join in on.

Nothing’s changed much.

In 2023, my TBR reads outnumbered my new purchases by nearly 3:1, in part thanks to all that pre-loading of the TBR in 2022! I did take part in a few more blog tours this year at 33, which were mainly for superb thrillers and world noir plus some fascinating nonfiction. I’ll probably do a similar number this year, but will try not to overcommit, with reviewing for Shiny New Books fitting in too.

Are you making reading resolutions this year? I’m not making any promises on mine below – especially the latter part – I have two indie bookshops in my town to support after all. But here it is…

I will aim to read from my TBR piles as much as I can and, if possible, to buy fewer books.

12 thoughts on “Reading Resolutions for 2024

  1. kimbofo says:

    I say that every year. Buy less, read more from my TBR! Well, in 2023 I kept buying books but 46% of my reading was from my TBR ( books bought before January 2023), 30% were new purchases (including secondhand), 14% from library and 10% review copies. If I could continue that trajectory this year I’ll be happy!

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      I will keep saying it – it works for a couple of months usually… I’m planning to tell myself sternly not to pre-load my TBR so much this year too.

  2. thecontentreader says:

    My never ending resolution is to read from my TBR. I have been inspired by the blogging community and am thinking of a few ideas for my reading in 2024. Not yet fully formed.

  3. Liz Dexter says:

    I’m trying to read my whole TBR up to 31 December 2023 this year, however am abjectly failing already! I also have an indie bookshop to support so can’t buy no books but I’m going to spend my book tokens on larger, more expensive, books-to-keep rather than a pile of paperbacks this year.

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