Reading Beryl 2023

Since it was 2016 when I last hosted a Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week, I thought it was time to do it again. I chose this week for two reasons. The first and biggest being that the anniversary of her birthday falls during it – November 21st (she was born in 1932). The second is that many of her novels fall into the novella category, so adding a Bainbridge to your #NovNov reads would do that double whammy; we all love it when a book fits more than one themed reading week or month!

She is one of my favourite novelists, certainly my favourite female one. I love her wit and sparkle, and her ability to tweak the emotions and I so admire her ability to write without unnecessary verbiage. You can explore her books on my dedicated Reading Beryl page (under Projects above and currently being updated, or click on the link).

This post will be sticky for the slightly extended week (I’m including both weekends), so please do leave your links in the comments below should you join in, or you can share use the hashtag #ReadingBeryl23 on X / Insta / Blue Sky Social – I’m @annabookbel on all three now.

I’ll be back tomorrow or Monday with my review of The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress – one of the few of her novels I had yet to read. I’m also planning a re-read of An Awfully Big Adventure.

Which Beryl Bainbridge book are you reading?

7 thoughts on “Reading Beryl 2023

  1. thecontentreader says:

    I love Bainbridge and would like to join. So many other challenges in November so I don’t know if I can make it. Maybe one of her novellas to pair with Novellas in November. If not, I will still put her books on my reading list for coming months. I have totally forgotten how much I liked her books, when I read them in my yout.

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