My Season of the Living Dead is over!

My month of vampire reading is over – Ended! Finito! I’ve read six novels back to back, mostly extremely enjoyable until I came to the last. Dracula – the Un-dead by Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt …

Co-written by Bram Stoker’s great-grandnephew and a vampire expert, this official sequel tries to shoehorn in every single bit of vampire lore in existence into its length, moving the action on to 1912, twenty-five years after the original novel ends. Someone is after the survivors of the original band of heroes who ‘killed’ Dracula and is picking them off one by one. It appears to be another evil historical figure – Elizabeth Bathory, (another real person who is reputed to have bathed in girls’ blood), or could it be Jack the Ripper(!), or has Dracula risen again from the undead. It’s up to Jonathan Harker’s wife Mina, and son Quincey to stop them or be killed themselves.

The novel was never sillier than when they put Bram Stoker himself into the plot as a struggling writer trying to put on a play of his novel – for a book supposing to put right the injustices done to the Stoker family when they were denied royalties for Dracula in the USA, I couldn’t understand this move. Mercifully, it was a quick read – fans of Dan Brown should love it!

I finally watched the film of Twilight yesterday. I loved it! I liked the Twin Peaksy feel and the lighting. I felt that Bella came across as having a bit more self-determination than in the book, and of course it pared away some of the frustrating talk that clogged up the novel. I also like how they handled the vamp’s shimmering in the sunlight. Of course, the two lead characters were lovely to look at which always helps – Kristen Stewart reminded me of Harry Potter’s Emma Watson with dark hair and a bit less earnestness – they have very similar facial expressions. The result is, of course, that I may have to read a seventh vamp novel very soon – New Moon, but first I need a break – I’ve a book group choice and some ARCs to waiting to be read!

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  1. Juxtabook says:

    I've really enjoyed reading your vampire reviews. I love the Twilight film (saw the film then read the books) and have watched it seversl times since. I have the 2 disc version which is well worth it for the 'making of' doc on disc two.

  2. Annabel Gaskell says:

    Dear Juxtabook – thank you for your lovely comment. You have a serious vampire habit – but I can totally understand it now… I've discovered the good, the bad, and the ugly (but good to read) – these ruddy vamps are everywhere – but I'm not complaining, (they're better than zombies). Roll on New Moon!

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