My Reading Resolutions for 2009 – how did I do #4 (the final one!)

By now you might have cottoned on, by the series of bookish but not books-read posts, that I’m suffering a severe case of end-of-term-can’t-read-itis and have thus resorted to fillers; (all this pondering the stats is helping me formulate my books of the year though). Aside from that, I am reading The Moonstone but mostly the same pages over and over before falling asleep. I may have to resort to something fun and trashy again to get me through it… However, this is the last post about my 2009 Reading Resolutions in which I resolved to ‘read more non-fiction’.

This year about 15% of my reading was non-fiction (around 10% in 2008). I’ve read a wider range of subjects too. One of those that has stuck with me was the first book I read this year The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell which looked for those key moments that made a good idea a great one. I always enjoy biographies and memoirs, and this year have read enjoyable ones by Raymond Blanc, Susan Hill and the quirky Stewart Copeland. So a vintage non-fiction year for me.


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