My Radio Oxford Experience!

I’ve just come off the phone to BBC Oxford having done my radio review for them as part of their monthly Book Club feature. Phew! For my part, I felt it went really well – although in reality I probably talked far too much!

Sitting waiting for the phone to ring was nervewracking, especially as the presenter Jo Thoenes gave me a big build up, and the butterflies were well and truly fluttering. But once it rang and I was put through to the studio, Jo put me at my ease, and after a brief chat we moved into the review. A chap from the Book House in Summertown, Oxford called Brian also commented, (the bookshop is next door to BBC Oxford and he does a lot more reviews for them). After a slightly shaky start where I was trying to explain the size and scope of the book, I got quite into it. I didn’t dry, cough, or stumble, although I did butt in on Brian (sorry!) to get my pennyworth in – but I was on the phone so couldn’t see them. I’ll write up a full review of the book soon.

It was brilliant fun, and if you fancy a go in the future click here for details, they’re looking for a local reviewer for next month – the book choices include the new Philippa Gregory which is about Mary Queen of Scots.

It’ll be available on Listen Again by teatime. Dare I listen to myself later? It might be too cringemaking, however enjoyable the experience was!

0 thoughts on “My Radio Oxford Experience!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Annabel – it was a pleasure having you on the show…and you didn’t sound shakey for a minute! You gave a great account of the book and yourself….thank you for reviewing and thank you for spreading the word!Take care, and thanks for listeningJo

  2. Ali says:

    You were fab Annabel! There’s something very persuasive about you when you review a book – your comments always make me want to take a closer look at it.

  3. Annabel Gaskell says:

    Ali – thank you so much for listening, and Jo – thank you for making it easy! I’d love to do it again ….

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