Moviewatch: In Bruges- It’s effing hilarious!

This film was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Wildly original, quirky, very violent yet wickedly funny with some brilliant sick jokes. Oh, by the way, it happens to show off Bruges quite beautifully.

Colin Farrell and Ralph Fiennes I knew, but couldn’t quite place Brendan Gleeson at first – then it dawned on me – he was Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter IV, and then Fleur from the same film turns up as ‘the girl’! The casting was quite brilliant; Gleason and Farrell turn in great performances as the ageing hitman and his apprentice, and Fiennes was obviously relishing playing a mockney bad guy as their boss. The plot was fantastic – full of twists with the most superb ending. I can’t tell you any more – you need to see it.

I would recommend this film to all grown-ups except perhaps my mother, who will find there’s just too much swearing for her sensibilities to cope with.

Talking of cursing, you must watch the last of the extras – they’ve cut every swear-word + each time they say Bruges into one effing hilarious short!

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In Bruges [DVD] [2008]

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