Lockdown Review Avoidance Measures!

Playing with My Books – A Publisher’s A-Z

Rather than write reviews, I’ve been ‘playing with my books’. Not bookspine poetry this time, but I thought I’d see how much of an A-Z I could make with publishers logos which are initials.

I set some strict criteria, single letters only unless they were doubled, or consecutive, so no W&N, JM, E&T etc. Here’s how I did…

Top Row: Arrow, Alma, Atlantic, Arcadia, Alison & Busby, Borough Press, Corvus, Canongate (old logo) Century, Dome, Dent, Faber & Faber, Gollancz, Galileo, Hesperus (whatever happened to them?), Hodder, Hamish Hamilton, Mantle.

Bottom Row: Orbit, Profile, Phoenix, Pushkin Press, Quartet, Riverrun, Raven, Salt, Sceptre, Serpent’s Tail, Telegram, Text, Unbound, Vintage, Wildfire and Zephyr.

Missing letters: E, I, J, K, L, N, X and Y – so I didn’t do too badly. Are there publishers I could have filled in the gaps with.

16 thoughts on “Lockdown Review Avoidance Measures!

  1. Calmgrove says:

    Egmont for E, Longman for L? The first do kidslit (though they’ve been subsumed by HarperCollins this month) while Longman do dictionaries, perhaps not ideal bedtime reading …

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