It’s a mug’s game!

Most of us probably have a shelf full of unmatched mugs. I’m no different, but I am gradually managing to replace all the odd ones with these lovely Penguin ones which do look lovely together. They make quite a large range of titles and styles now … which to go for next?

If I only choose the orange ones I’ve got a Penguin book for, I could pick from the following … 1984, Brighton Rock, Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice, The Pursuit of Love, or Wuthering Heights.


P.S. Just in case you’re wondering, that’s the Sagan book in the middle, and I don’t have a Penguin edition of Persuasion.

0 thoughts on “It’s a mug’s game!

  1. The Poet Laura-eate says:

    I adore these mugs and would buy them if they came in larger size. Ditto the matching bags. They are just too small to be particularly useful. And we writers do cart around an inordinate amount of A4! Not to mention books, laptops and an inordinate amound of clutter.

  2. Annabel Gaskell says:

    They are slightly on the snug side for a mug agreed. I'd love one of the deckchairs too though …

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