Interlude – I’m ‘going’ to Mars!

No, not really. Only my name – but it’s still so exciting! Everyone registering at NASA’s website here will get their name sent to Mars in 2020 on their next mission. If you do, you’ll get a really snazzy boarding card, and can sign up for updates.

My name went on a previous mission too back in 2014.

So I’m a ‘frequent flyer’ and have earned my mission patches.

This is all great fun, but there is a serious point to it in that NASA want to raise everyone’s consciousness and engagement with their research programmes and the future of spaceflight and exploration. Just don’t think about the $billions it’ll cost, or the politics – just celebrate the science, as we may have to boldly go in the future.

Watch the NASA trailer for the project with Captain Kirk himself narrating here.

6 thoughts on “Interlude – I’m ‘going’ to Mars!

  1. kaggsysbookishramblings says:

    How exciting – well done Annabel! I’m old enough to remember getting excited about the moon landings. And my Eldest Child works at the National Space Centre in Leicester, where they entertained last week some veteran NASA controllers who were involved in the landings!

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      I remember the first moon landing (I was 9) and I still get excited about Space. The idea that my name is gong to Mars (again) in a computer is still thrilling. But seriously, the reseach NASA does spawns so many Earth-bound offshoots that improve our technology is imperative (in my book).

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